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Masakali 2.O : Why A. R. Rahman is upset with the remake of his song Masakali

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Contributor: Parul Srivastava

Music is the moonlight of darkness, music is the essence of joy, it is the quietest noise of a lone soul, defining music in these glamorous words has only been possible because of the songs and melody which we all have heard at some point or the other in our lives are the most mellifluous one.

There is at least one song in each and every person’s life which is close to their hearts, and that one particular melody always gets preference in their playlist. But, what if the song which you have been listening throughout your life, suddenly get trashed by some “intellectual personality”. Well let’s begin with a freshly ruined example .

As we all know nowadays Bollywood is all know for it’s, ‘remakes and recreation ‘from movies to songs Bollywood never leaves any chance to destroy it’s image which is already not so good. Recently a song namely’ Masakali 2.O’ has been released by T-Series, Starring Siddharth Malhotra and the SOTY 2 actress Tara Sutaria, the song is sung by Bekhayali singer Sached Tandon and Tulsi Kumar it is composed by Tanishk Bagchi, it is the remake of one of the most alluring songs ‘Masakali’ from the 2009 Bollywood film Delhi 6.

The original song was sung by Mohit Chauhan, composed by A. R. Rahman and written by Prasoon Joshi. Now first of all the time of releasing the music video was absolutely illogical as the world is facing a lot of crisis because of the Coronavirus outbreak, the middle class and below middle class people are not so previlledged to stay indoors and enjoy some fun moments with our loved one’s as captioned by the lead actor of the music video Siddharth Malhotra in his Instagram teaser post of the song.

Coming to the song, as soon as it was released people started watching and listening to the music video and started commenting and trolling the song. The masakali 2.O have become the one of the  most dislike video of T-Series as if now. Just after the 3 days of it’s release the video has reached nearly 23 million views with nearly 398k likes and 410k dislikes, the most disliked video of T- Series is the Freak Pranne Rap song from film Oru adaar love. And why not, afterall the lyrics, music, voice of the singer especially the female one was absolutely rubbish.

Even the Original Composer and Oscar winner A. R Rahman has indicated his anger in his tweet “No short cuts, properly commissioned, sleepless nights, writes and re-writes. Over 200 musicians, 365 days of creative brainstorming with the aim to produce music that can last generations. A team of a Director, a Composer and a Lyricist supported by actors, dance directors and a relentless film crew.” – Lots of love and prayers A.R. Rahman.”mentioning the original singer and lyricist Mohit chauhan and Prasoon joshi respectively he captioned the note with, “Enjoy the origin” #Masakali.

Even before when the song ‘Humma Humma’ from the film ‘OK Jannu’ was recreated the original composer was not happy when he heard about the remake but afterwards when the song was released he was ‘OK’ with the remake especially with badshah’s rap. Many other songs like of Rahman like Muqabla and Urvashi has been recreated and have not became much popular amongst the listeners like the original versions, No wonder why the original composer is upset with the remake.

Composers like Tanishk Bagchi who not only recreated the A. R Rahman song but also songs like, Aankh marey from simbha, Dilbar from Satyamev Jayate,Dheeme dheeme from Pati Patni aur Woh etc.are doing nothing but recreating the melodious old songs and destroying it’s origin must understand the essence and hardships which original singers, lyricists,  and other music artists use to take just to create these legendry songs. Otherwise, love, drama, glitter, glamour, romance and act does not always works.

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