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We will win and win

Of course, there are difficulties at every step and the challenges are also big, but being afraid and frightened is also not the solution. Take care and face the situation firmly. I especially request those who are wasting their time in doing evil of the government all the time. It is not wrong to oppose the policies and ideas of the government and the ruling party, but when the enemy stands in front, then at that time we will not be able to win by spitting venom against each other.

It would be good that we all do everything that can prevent the corona virus infection, and make the situation normal. The thing to understand is that the risk of corona virus is not limited to some countries and races, but the whole world is troubled by its catastrophe. If this is not controlled, it will be the most disastrous period for the whole world after World War II. This is a time in which war is not taking place, but there have been more terrible situations than war. Those who will survive the disease will also suffer from severe economic recession and fear of dying from unemployment.

Right now, ‘Work to Home’ is being made in many government and private sector, and in many places there is a situation of complete detention, but if the situation is not normal then ‘Work to Home’ may also be closed. Think about what will happen to those, who put tea, snacks, fruit shops outside companies, offices, malls, cinema halls, schools and colleges, they are not getting customers anymore. E-rickshaws, hand rickshaws and auto drivers are not getting riders. There is deserted in small dhabas and markets. How will the homes of such people run. Everyone feels hungry.

The situation is even more frightening and gruesome, but I do not want to scare them all by writing, I have already said that “Difficulties and challenges are great, but being afraid and frightened is not the solution.” We have to get rid of this tragedy of the 21st century. We will just say that we have to work carefully. Instead of dissolving the poison in the already poisonous air, the poison has to be destroyed.

Take care of yourself as well as others. We live in different houses, but everyone feels the same. Yet despite all the disappointments we will win.

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