CMARG: A Research Center for Social, Political, Environmental, and Cultural Issues

CMARG is a research center dedicated to in-depth study and discovery of new knowledge on social-political, national-international, environmental, economic, and cultural issues. The center also analyzes various aspects of development with a focus on India’s social and cultural relations with its neighboring countries.

Our Goals:

  • Promote in-depth study and research on critical issues: CMARG facilitates comprehensive research and analysis on a wide range of topics, including social-political dynamics, national and international relations, environmental concerns, economic trends, and cultural developments.

  • Explore new knowledge and perspectives: We encourage the pursuit of fresh insights and innovative approaches to understanding complex issues. Our research endeavors aim to expand the frontiers of knowledge and provide valuable contributions to ongoing debates.

  • Strengthen India’s social and cultural ties with neighboring countries: CMARG fosters a deeper understanding of India’s interconnectedness with its neighboring nations. We examine the shared social, cultural, and developmental aspects that shape regional dynamics.

  • Nurture a new generation of media-savvy individuals: We aim to equip emerging scholars and media enthusiasts with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the ever-evolving media landscape. Our workshops and seminars provide opportunities for engagement with experts and foster a passion for critical inquiry.

Our Team:

CMARG is driven by a team of passionate researchers, academicians, and industry professionals committed to advancing knowledge and promoting informed dialogue on critical issues. Our collaborative approach ensures a diverse range of perspectives and a commitment to excellence in research and analysis.

Join Us:

We invite individuals with a keen interest in research, social engagement, and media literacy to join our vibrant community. CMARG offers a platform for intellectual growth, collaboration, and meaningful contributions to society.

Together, we can explore new frontiers of knowledge and shape a more informed and interconnected world.

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